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Creating Women – We don’t need to just watch it, but support it!

We are advised to choose our battles, since we cannot win all wars, for better or worse. But the ones we choose to fight, we do so because we are dogged to win them.

The western comics scene, particularly the mainstream one, has been male-dominated, from creators, to editors, to publishers. One thing that the comics scene does not lack, in the small battles for equality and equal recognition, is initiatives aiming to equality and recognition, where recognition is due.

Creating Women is a battle fought by some inspiring new professionals in the comics scene. Creating Women is a new web series about today’s British comics community, culture, and production will debut next month, 28 May 2021.

I had the pleasure of meeting Amy Galloway (@hesitantdoodle), the creator of Creating Women, alongside Rachel Davis (co-producer) and Holly Roberts (captionist) in the University of Dundee, where we all did our Masters Degree in Comics and Graphic Novels. All three are inspiring, hard-working professionals, who have impacted the comics scene in their own manner.

Now, in their latest effort of Creating Women, I, as many others I hope, will follow closely the ripples that they create. Already Creating Women feels like a small win.

Here is the official press release of Creating Women with all the necessary information for their endeavour:

Rachel Davis FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Creating Women


The Preview for Creating Women

NEW WEB SERIES ON TODAY’S BRITISH COMICS CULTURE GOES LIVE First of seven episodes to premiere 28 May 2021

GLASGOW, United Kingdom (15 April 2021): A new web series about today’s British comics community, culture, and production will debut next month, 28 May 2021. Being equal parts enlightening and entertaining, this web series documents the careers and experiences of individuals from marginalised identity groups working in the UK comics industry. By doing so, Creating Women will advocate for and amplify diverse comics perspectives and realities. The first season of 10-15 minute episodes will feature nine comics artists and scholars: Dr. Hailey Austin, Rachael Ball, Ashling Draws, Wallis Eates, Rebecca Horner, Holly Roberts, Dr. Megan Sinclair, Dr. Nicola Streeten, and Letty Wilson. These experts in their field discuss themes such as gender, the comics industry, and reader relations. Every episode will be publicly accessible on Creating Women’s YouTube channel where episodes will premiere weekly on Fridays at 02:00 PM GMT.

Amy Galloway is Creating Women’s Series Creator. Known professionally as hesitantdoodle, they are a Glasgow-based comics artist. Galloway says that Creating Women “grew from a few exchanges over social media to a project which celebrates the speakers, organisers and their inspirations who are all such bright, hard-working and comic-savvy individuals.” Galloway is joined in this endeavour by fellow University of Dundee alumni Rachel Davis (co-producer), Ashling Draws (co-editor), and Holly Roberts (captionist). University of Glasgow Ph.D. researcher Danielle Schwertner rounds out the team as an interviewer. Galloway believes that “contributions from marginalised creators doesn’t detract from the preconceived ‘norm’ which already exists — quite the opposite. It offers a more diverse and representative experience of what has always existed in comics and what the future of comics can be!” As this video project develops into the future, Creating Women aims to be a forum for discourse, a platform for creators, and a resource for any person interested in British comics culture.

For interviews or other enquiries, please email Rachel Davis at creatingwomenuk@gmail.com.

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